5 Fun Ways To Work Out With Your Mom

What better way to bond with your mom than with a fun workout? Keep in mind, some of these might be a little more her speed than yours, but these workouts are bound to get you and your mom moving and grooving together.

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Fitness Videos

Fitness influencers and mother daughter duo, Denise and Katie Austin are sharing their favorite mother daughter workouts on Youtube. Their free workout videos are easy to follow along to and include a variety of total body workouts, yoga, barre, dance, cardio, and more. Check them out here.

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Shake off the stress with Zumba! Whether you have dancing genes or not, Zumba is an exhilarating way to get you on your feet, smiling, and burning calories. You and your mom will get immersed in the up-beat songs and exciting dances moves all while breaking a sweat. Dance along with Zumba instructors on Youtube.

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Unwind and build trust with your mom through yoga practices and poses. Yoga can be practiced by anyone and almost anywhere at any level. This flexible activity will also increase your body’s flexibility. Engage in fun partner yoga poses to connect with your mom, improve focus, and relax your mind. Check out this video for ideas on partner yoga poses.

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Bike Riding

Time to take the bikes out of the shed and go on a nice ride around the neighborhood. Going on a bike ride has been found to boost energy levels and reduce stress. For beginners and advanced bike riders, you are engaging your muscles and improving cardiovascular health. This is a fun and healthy way to bond with your mom while enjoying outdoor scenery and fresh air.

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Get your steps in with some quality one-on-one time with your mom. Taking a walk gets you out in nature and is a great activity to add to your daily routine. It also does not require any equipment and is not strenuous on the body, making it an activity for everyone. Walking with your mom allows you to catch up with each other and engage in meaningful conversations to grow your relationship while letting your mind rest a little.

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