Celebrating Women & Girls In Sports

Celebrating Women & Girls In Sports

6 Questions For NFL Coach Jennifer King

In this edition of GoodSport Live, we interview the only African American female coach in the NFL.

What is your position with the Washington Redskins?

“I work with the running back group and I also help with the offensive quality control guys. I do some of the ranking games and stuff like that.”

What motivated you to pursue a football career?

“Sports has kind of always been my thing and it was big in my family as well. I just kind of developed a really big love for it at a young age and love to play it, love to watch it. And now I get to coach it.”

What did people say when they saw you playing football?

“The guys were impressed and trying to get me on their team because I was talented athletically. I developed a strong groundwork. You really learn how to play and you really develop your skill set.”

What do you bring with you to the Washington Redskins?

“It helps a lot, particularly as a female coach in football, it definitely helps just to have some planning experience. And I think that the guys really respect that as well. I’m super excited to get everybody together. I feel like I know my guys, but I haven’t even met some of them yet, which is crazy, but hopefully, we’ll be together soon.”

What are your views on the Social Justice Movement?

“I have a police background as well. I’ve kind of seen things from both sides and there are changes that have to be made, going forward. I’m hopeful that things will ultimately change with reforms and just people loving each other.”

What would you tell young girls to inspire them?

“I think there’s no substitute for hard work and once you decide that you want to do something, narrow your focus on what you want to do and then make a plan to get there. And know that there’s going to be some tough times along the way. And maybe some doors shut in your face or some people telling you no to make things more difficult, but just know if you’re qualified and you’re good enough and have that passion that you can get to that level.”



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