7 Fruits That Have Anti-Cancer Properties

If you didn’t eat fruit before reading this, you’ll absolutely have to! We love fruit almost as much as we love sports. Trust us, that’s a lot! Now, if you’re moving your body in any manner you’ll need to replenish your energy. Why not indulge in some delicious and nutritious fruits that also have anti-cancer effects?

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The first thing to come to mind when you think about apples may be the caramel-dipped apples topped with nuts at your local fair. Did anyone say “YUM?” Apples are also great for preventing inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and infections because of the polyphenols.

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One of our favorite ways to eat blueberries is in pie form, there’s nothing like a home-made blueberry pie. But let’s be honest, store-bought is just as good too. Blueberries show potential anti-cancer effects due to phytochemicals and nutrients. 

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We can’t talk about pie and not talk about cherries. Cherry pie looks as good as it tastes and they’re also high in melatonin which shows cancer-preventive potential.

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Grapes are hands down one of the best fruits to eat on their own. Not to mention, they contain proanthocyanidin compounds from the seeds and skins that show potential anti-cancer effects. 

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Who doesn’t love a tall glass of fresh orange juice? Not to be confused with anything with high concentrations of artificial sweeteners and flavors. Oranges have a ton of vitamin C which shows cancer-preventive potential.

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All that comes to mind is sweet raspberries with some thick and creamy cream cheese… Besides their delicious taste, raspberries are high in dietary fiber and ellagitannin compounds that show potential anti-cancer effects.

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You can’t go wrong with strawberries. Strawberries are great in smoothies, yogurt, pies, pastries, and more. Not to mention strawberries contain compounds that show cancer-preventive potential.

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