8 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Summer heat can be brutal, but don’t let it stop you. Here are our favorite ways to beat the heat and stay active.

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Who doesn’t love a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot summer day? Whether you call up a friend with a pool or visit a local beach or lake, going for a swim will surely cool you off this summer. Swimming is also a great full body exercise that is gentle on your joints, builds endurance, and keeps your heart rate up.

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Make A Smoothie

Smoothies are packed with nutrients and easy to make from the comfort of your own home! You can combine your favorite fruits and juices in a blender with some ice for a nice cold treat. For added nutrients, add in a handful of spinach or kale and enjoy.

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Workout Indoors

We can thank air conditioning and fans for the ability to workout comfortably indoors. Indoor workouts are a great way to stay active while avoiding the summer heat. Check out our article on indoor exercises!

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Avoid Hot Foods

Keep the oven turned off and avoid the extra heat from hot foods this summer. Instead, try new cold recipes like a fresh summer salad or pasta salad to keep your body refreshed and your kitchen cool. Pair your cool meals with an iced cold lemon water and you will be good to go.

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Have An Indoor Picnic

Who says picnics can’t be held indoors? Invite some friends over and share your new and refreshing summer meals with an indoor picnic. Gather around your living room table, share some laughs over delicious food and drinks, and stay cool indoors. 

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Host A Movie Night

Wait for the sun to set and the temperature to go down for a relaxing movie night. You can cozy up outdoors or indoors with some pillows, blankets, your favorite snacks, and a good movie. What a great way to unwind after a long summer day.

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Read A Book

Reading is a great way to relax and destress. You can find a shady spot in the yard to sit down and read or stay inside in the comfort of the air conditioning. Either way, picking up a new book is a great way to engage and work your mind.

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Drink More Water

Water fuels our bodies daily, but especially in the heat, it is extremely important to hydrate. On hot summer days, our bodies lose more fluids through excessive sweating. Drinking water regularly throughout the day will replenish the fluids in your body and help to keep you cool.

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