A Memorable Night for the EMU Eagles

On a beautiful afternoon at Rynearson Stadium, the Eastern Michigan football team pulled off a miraculous victory that will be one of the most memorable wins this season. For Desmond Kelly, it would be a memory of a lifetime.

Trailing Central Connecticut by one point with 18 seconds left in the fourth quarter, the Eagles forced a Blue Devils fourth down and lined up for a punt. With a seemingly large task at hand, the Eagles needed to make a BIG play, and Matthew Sexton stepped up. At the snap, senior wide receiver sprinted toward the punter unblocked and without breaking stride. He blocked the punt, scooped the ball and returned it 30 yards for the touchdown. EMU football emerged victorious, 34-29, and improved to 3-1 on the year.

But Sexton wasn’t the only EMU senior to make the day memorable. In the middle of the celebration, defensive lineman Desmond Kelly saw the perfect opportunity to ask an important question. Kelly, a senior from Baltimore, brought his girlfriend to midfield, dropped to one knee, presented a ring, and asked for her hand in marriage. His teammates surrounded the couple and she said yes. What. A. Night.