NFL’s First Female CEO Continues To Make A Lasting Impact

Amy Trask made history for women in sports when she became the first female CEO for an NFL team. Trask worked with the Oakland Raiders for almost 30 seasons, 16 of which she served as the team’s CEO. 

Being a woman in a male dominated industry did not stop her from achieving her dreams. Trask was a fearless leader from the start and worked her way up the ranks in the NFL with her dedication and passion for the sport. 

I did not have my eye set on an executive position, let alone the CEO position. I was thrilled to be a part of the organization. I would and I did do anything I could to help the team,” said Trask. “I was just thrilled to be with the team and happy in any role I could have.” 

Following her career with the Raiders, Trask can now be found on CBS Sports Network as an analyst. She appears regularly on “That Other Pregame Show” and was an original panelist on the first ever all women’s sports talk show, “We Need to Talk.” She also serves as a Chairman of the Board for a 3-on-3 professional basketball league called the Big3.

As impressive as she already is, Trask doesn’t stop there. She is the author of her book titled, “You Negotiate Like a Girl,” where she discusses her experiences as an executive in the NFL.

“When women are hired, I’m often asked, ‘Does that excite you?’ And the answer [I give] is, ‘What will really be exciting is when it’s no longer a novelty.’ And that goes to gender, race, ethnicity, religion. When people are hired without regard to any other individuality, which has absolutely no bearing on whether they can do a job, that’s what will truly be exciting.”

GoodSport celebrates Amy Trask as a prime example of a strong and confident woman. As a woman of power in the sports industry, Trask advises other women to put their ideas of gender beside them, work hard, and be the best you can be.

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