Draft Day: A Tornado of Emotion

On a typical Thursday night of the NFL Draft, almost all potential draft picks are either sitting around the TV with family and friends or at the draft location hoping to walk across the stage. It’s an extremely exciting, yet nerve-racking time for these NCAA stars. There is nothing else on their minds other than their names being called by an NFL team and fulfilling their lifelong dreams of making it to the show.

Jaylon Ferguson’s story is quite the opposite. After a devastating tornado that ripped through Ruston, LA, in the middle of the night, Louisiana governor, John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency. Instead of having a draft party, the Defensive End out of Louisiana Tech was out looking for missing people and helping those in need. With at least five people killed by the storms, Ferguson has been delivering water to people who don’t have it, despite it being one of the biggest days in his athletic career.

“Instead of celebrating a lifelong dream, he’s out helping other people,” Ferguson’s agent, Safarrah Lawson, said Thursday. “It speaks to this young man’s character.”

As a projected second-round pick in the draft, there was a chance his name might have been called Thursday, however, it’s likely he will hear his name Friday night. Unfortunately, like most in the area, Ferguson has no cell service and his agent has been unable to reach out to him about his potential landing spots. He hopes by Friday evening his cell service will be restored and that he could break extremely positive news to his client.