Female Fitness Influencers To Follow On Social Media

This community of women and fitness influencers do an excellent job at motivating their followers and helping them achieve their goals. These women come from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, and different age groups, but are connected through their love of fitness.  Not only that, but they are extremely supportive of one another as well. In a space where social media can often can turn hateful and negative, it is amazing to have a group of women who do their best daily to provide positive content with good intentions. Let’s take a look at a few of the many incredible female fitness influencers that deserve a follow. 

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Amanda Bisk

Bisk started out her career as a pole vaulter with dreams of competing in the Olympics. The Australian native was set to compete in the London Olympics in 2012 until she was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. She faced the harsh reality that her career had to come to an end.

After a few years of coping with her life change and finding a new balance of what worked for her, she began to explore different ways of being active and healthy. After making these changes, her health began to improve and she slowly built herself back up in ways her body could handle. Now she has 687,000 Instagram followers and teaches others how she lives her new balanced, healthy lifestyle. 

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Cassey Ho

One could argue that Cassey Ho is as successful as a businesswoman as well as a fitness influencer. With an impressive 2 million followers on Instagram, Ho used her platform to build onto her success. She created “poppilatesofficial,” where followers can take classes, join challenges, or just be a place for motivation and body positivity. Ho is also the CEO and designer of Pop Flex Active, an activewear brand. She designs a variety of gym gear for all body types, different from what you may find in an average sports store. On top of all that, she posts workouts, recipes, and fitness and healthy living advice as daily content on her feed.

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Melissa Alcantara

You may know of Melissa Alcantara because she trains Kim Kardashian. Alcantara currently has more than a million followers, which only continues to grow. She prides herself on being an all-natural athlete and being able to help others with their physical fitness. Her account “FitGurlMel” can be found on Instagram and YouTube. Alcantara also created an app with the same name as her social accounts that provide workout and nutrition guides. With her posts, she always makes sure to write something motivating for her followers to hear. Her writing skills are not just highlighted in her post captions, but also in FIT GURL Total Body TURNAROUND, a book she wrote herself. Alcantara is a strong, confident woman who is trying to instill her values in those she influences. 

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Whitney Simmons

“It’s a beautiful day to be alive.” You can hear Whitney Simmons’ catchphrase every single day whether it’s in her story, in her posts, or in her YouTube videos. Simmons is very open about her struggle with body image and the time it took to finally find what worked for her. Now she shares her workouts and nutrition tips on her account and her app, “ALIVE.” Within all her helpful and positive content you can also find her talking about her psoriasis. Simmons emphasizes loving the body she was given and not trying to hide from it, which she discusses in her posts and videos. As of recently she also added to her impressive list of accomplishments by starting her very own swim company called Toluca Swim. It’s no surprise she is up to 3.2 million followers!

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Lindsey Vonn

As a former Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn definitely has trustworthy fitness advice. Vonn, unlike some of the others mentioned, isn’t strictly a fitness account. Her content is a mix of lifestyle posts as well as some modeling images. Her fitness content usually consists of a video of her workout and a caption to motivate her followers. Her Olympic training was surely no easy task, but now she is passing down her learned style of training to the public. Vonn shows her followers that even though she is retired from her professional career, she still stays fit and active.

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Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines has been one of the most successful fitness influencers for years now. Her following is almost at 10 million people, and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. The 27-year-old from South Australia is a fitness professional,  and even if you don’t follow her there’s a high chance her posts will pop up somewhere. She co-founded the app Sweat which is now the No. 88 ranked app in health and fitness. A major aspect of her content is transformation pictures of her clients who use her app and fitness plans. These results are what get people’s attention because they are undeniable! Itsines provides workouts for all types of fitness levels to make sure everyone can participate in some way. Also being a mom, she balances a whole lot. 

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Latoya Shauntay Snell

The last and final spot on this list is dedicated to Latoya Shauntay Snell.  Snell is a multi-sport athlete, but what makes her so interesting is that she is an “ultrarunner.” She runs in races that are way longer than what a regular marathon would be. Not only does she focus on physical fitness, but she’s also a chef, journalist, speaker, and activist. Talk about a resume! She is unapologetically herself, which is not common to find with viral influencers, using the platform she has built thus far, to talk about fitness and topics way bigger than that. 

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