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Kate Nye Powers Her Way to Success

Kate Nye’s road to becoming one of the best weightlifters in the world was a long and winding one that started in a rather unique way.

“Well, I was a gymnast from the age of four to fifteen years old,” she said. Then I did CrossFit for a few years before discovering weightlifting. I had some success early I so I decided to do it full-time,” Nye stated.

Good decision.

Using a laser-like focus, Nye put everything she had into the sport and started to climb up the world rankings.

“I’m not just emotionally invested in this, this is my life,” said the Oklahoma native. “This is my purpose. Everything I’m doing is geared toward me being the best that I can be.”

Nye was at her best in 2019. At the World Championships, she set a junior world record and swept gold in all of her lifts, becoming the youngest U.S. woman (21) to win a world title since 1994. Nye ended up capturing the IWF Lifter of the Year award.

Clearly Nye is driven to win and excel.

“I fail sometimes and I don’t do everything right,” she said. “But I’m dedicating my life to this. And to not give 100 percent would be like throwing everything away,” Nye added. “I want to see how great I can be.”

Nye doesn’t know where she’d be if she didn’t stray from CrossFit several years ago, but she’s certainly glad she found her way into lifting weights.

“It changed my life,” Nye said. “I found my passion and it’s made a big difference in my self-worth. This is what I’m meant to do and it definitely gives me a lot of positivity in my life.”

Not to mention a lot of medals and recognition. Nye made the U.S Olympic weightlifting team but will have to wait a year after officials postponed the Tokyo games until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, you can bet Nye will represent our country well when she finally gets to compete.

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