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Lola The Illustrator

Lola Glass paints her own story. She might not have been born an artist, but it didn’t take long to figure out that she came into this world to be one.

“I started doing art when I was three years old. I grabbed a pencil and basically did what I wanted to do on a piece of paper.”

Lola, who is known in the art community as “Lola the Illustrator”, advanced her career by doodling on everything except “the things my mom told me not to.” Not sure how Mom felt when Lola stopped to do some of her work on a wall in Brooklyn.

“I got into street art when the curator stopped me because I was using a spray marker to write on somebody’s very detailed background. He caught me whitehanded.”

He was Joe Ficalora, the founder and curator of the Bushwick Collective, which is an outdoor gallery in Brooklyn where street artists turn ordinary walls into beautiful murals. Instead of reprimanding Lola for writing on someone else’s property, Ficalora made Lola an offer. He asked her to join the Collective. And that was the beginning of something special. Lola the Illustrator had a new way to express herself and show off her art. In the process, she became the world’s youngest street artist.

“You should just start off with your style and what you like to do and then, as you get bigger, then you can look at what other artists paint and then you can mix that up with your style.”

Lola’s style is all her own with bright colors and happy subjects. But street art is just one of her many talents. She plays the drums and is an avid skateboarder. Lola didn’t know much about the sport until receiving a book from her mother. The book is called, It’s Not About Being Pretty by Cyndy Whitehead.

“This book made me really feel awesome. It’s reassuring to see skater girls and street artists in there just like me. I want to inspire more girls to skateboard”

Artist, skater, and drummer- it’s safe to say there are not many girls or fun as Lola the Illustrator.  

Photo Credits: Instagram



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