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Rowing Her Way To Stardom While Helping Others

There are ultra-achievers and then there is Gevvie Stone. Stone, a graduate of both Princeton University and Tufts Medical School, is a two-time Olympic rower and who is in the process of becoming an emergency resident physician in Boston. The silver medalist from 2016 knows how to balance a busy life.

“When I’m rowing, it’s a full time job. It’s 16 workouts a week, it’s 25 hours of physical exercise, not to mention the eating and the naps. When I’m a resident, it’s like 60 hours a week at the hospital.”

Stone is not only helping people in the hospital but has become a role model for young women in sports. She is a wonderful example of a person who set her goals high and achieved them.

“Why not try to be a doctor and an athlete. I think any goal, what you set your mind to – it takes numerous steps, almost an infinite number of steps to achieve and hard work. When you come to that completion of that goal, whether it’s standing on an Olympic podium, whether it’s graduating from med school, it’s always an immense feeling of pride that you set the bar high and were able to achieve it.”

And her advice for girls trying to succeed in the sports world today?

“Follow your dreams and work hard. There will be critics and doubters, but you just have to persevere. There are more opportunities out there for girls and women then there have ever been so embrace the challenge, stay focused and you’ll be successful, whether it be in sports, your job, or any career that you want to go after.”

Great insight from a superstar person who inspires both in and out of the water. Look for Gevvie to be back in the boat in the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo.

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