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Soccer Legend Still Impacting the Game

Kristine Lilly was an unstoppable force during her soccer career. The Wilton, Connecticut native scored 130 goals with the U.S. women’s national team and recorded 354 appearances in international matches. That is the most in soccer history, by either male or female. She has long been on the crusade of advancing women’s soccer and gained greater hope for it when the U.S team won the World Cup in 2019.

“I think it continues to show that you can’t stop us. I think there’s a place in this world for all of us to grow as people and make a difference. The women on that team showed that we’re not going away. We are successful and people are investing in the sport.”

Lilly, who played on three Olympic teams and the legendary 1999 World Cup team, is a role model for girls who aspire to achieve great things. She is seeing more and more women thriving in sports and life and knows their exposure is providing confidence in others.

“The more you see women being successful, the more you’re going to impact the next generation. When they see women being visible on TV, newspapers, and social media, it’s going to inspire and make a difference in them.”

Lilly still runs her annual soccer camp in her hometown and works with a countless number of girls throughout the year at clinics and academies. Her advice to young girls playing the game is simple.

“I think these young kids are feeling so much pressure. I would say to focus on one or two of your strengths. Don’t look at the big picture. Focus on what you are doing. That will give you strength and confidence. And if you focus on those things then you’re probably going to do well and enjoy what you’re doing.”

Great advice from a superstar who enjoys putting a lot of smiles on the faces of young athletes as much as she did winning so many legendary matches in her remarkable career.

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