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Softball According To Superstar Lisa Fernandez

Lisa Fernandez is a true softball legend. She rewrote the record books while pitching for UCLA, earning All-American honors four straight years and was a dominant force in the Olympics helping the United States to three straight gold medals.

Fernandez is now an assistant coach at her alma mater and has helped UCLA maintain its dominance in the college softball landscape.

Fernandez, who once struck out 25 batters in a game during Olympic competition, is a
thoughtful and meticulous coach who relays some sage advice to her players. According to Quotable, these are some of the quotes she often uses when teaching players about life and the game.

“If you have a love for this game, then show it. And encourage a girl to do the same.”

“Physically I don’t think I’m different than anyone else, but from what people have said it’s my mentality. To me I have a growth mindset, its about learning and maturing, and growing. Failure is nothing more than a way to inspire me to become better.” Fernandez told FastPitchTV.

“You have to think of a battle, you have to think of a fight, and you never give up,” Fernandez
said to the The Milwaukee Journal.

“I can honestly say there wasn’t a day when I didn’t wake up and think, “Am I doing everything I can to make sure we’re going to win that game,” she said to ESPN.

 ‘If I didn’t play hard enough, then we didn’t play. If I cheated, then we didn’t play. My dad said,’Be strong. Be tough.’ My mom said, ‘There is only one way to play the game.’” Fernandez told Angelus.

“The greatest things are the challenges – that’s what you remember the most.”

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