Celebrating Women & Girls In Sports

Sports Legends Share What GoodSport Means To Them

GoodSport believes that a shared passion for sports is one of the strongest connection points in society. Our mission is to raise the visibility of women and girls in sports. We were fortunate to be able to ask some athletes we admire what our name means to them.

Simone Biles – Gymnastics Legend

“It means being supportive even if things aren’t going your way. There are always things you can support even if the games or competition doesn’t go your way, you always have to show good sportsmanship.”

Katie Ledecky – Swimming Superstar

“It means respecting the sport you compete in and doing your best to represent yourself, your team or country and do that with honor and respect.”

Allyson Felix – Track & Field Icon

“It’s about celebrating positivity in sports and inspiring others.”

Kerri Walsh Jennings – Volleyball Champion

“I just want to be a GoodSport in life. Show up and give it my all, to me, that’s being a GoodSport.”

Julie Foudy – Soccer Trailblazer

“It puts a smile on my face because everything about sports I think is good. I think there are so many lessons you learn that serve you well in life. And sports is a community that brings out so many positives.”


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Today we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy. ⠀

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Sports legends like Wilma Rudolph and Althea Gibson sit atop almost everyone’s list of racial trailblazers in women’s sports, but Tina Sloan Green is another woman who has made a huge impact to sports. Green was the first African-American to play for the U.S. women's national field hockey team and the first women's lacrosse coach at Temple University in Philadelphia, but many consider her biggest impact to be the founding of the Black Women In Sport Foundation in 1992.⠀

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