The Wisdom Of Lisa Leslie

All-American, Olympic medalist, WNBA MVP, and Hall of Famer – if there is anybody who should patent the formula for success, it is Lisa Leslie. Anything the basketball legend has touched, sure seems to turn to gold. But she says there is a lot more to success in sports and in life, than just being uber-talented.

“To reach success, we have to learn how to deal with people, how to inspire people, how to make people better and you truly have to look in the mirror and evaluate yourself and see what you bring to the table.”

Leslie certainly brought a lot to the table, including toughness which she learned about while growing up in Los Angeles.

“You either get beat up or you have to get your elbows out. Sports taught me how to be tough.”

All the accolades Leslie received over the years helped camouflage the inner battles she often went through. It was never quite as easy as she made it look, but she came out stronger because of them.

“When you think about life, it’s easy when we’re winning. When everything’s all good, people are good and happy. But what kind of person are you when times get tough, whether it’s tough at the job, whether it’s tough at home and I think that’s the part that I love most about myself is that I was able to challenge and understand who I am.”

Success didn’t come by accident for Leslie. Everything she accomplished was because she had a plan. She attacked it and was ultra-focused in trying to achieve it.

“I wrote down my goals since I was in ninth grade. I write down my short term goals, which are goals I wanted to achieve within one year. So I still do this. If I want to achieve a goal, I want to write it out and I stick that goal on my mirror and also on my refrigerator.”

And that’s sage advice from a legend who has accomplished so much in life and continues to give back.

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