Wait! What? That Is An Olympic Sport Now?

With the 2020 Olympics around the corner in 2021, we’ve got the scoop on the five new sports that are being added to the games.


Surfing will add a fresh and new touch to the Olympics and gain some much-needed exposure. The participants will be judged based on speed, power, flow, and difficulty level. Can’t wait to see these athletes in the water representing their countries.

IOC President, Thomas Bach, wanted to ensure that the Olympics target both older and younger generations. The new sports will hopefully pique the interest of children. “Taken together, the five sports are an innovative combination of the established and emerging, youth-focused, events that are popular in Japan and will add to the legacy of the Tokyo Games,” Bach stated.


Karate is the only sport in the martial arts category that has not previously been featured in the Olympics. You can expect to see Kumite and Kata. Kumite is a sparring discipline and will have three weight classes for both men and women, as opposed to the normal five weight classes. In order to earn points, the participants need to land kicks and punches with good form, strength, and control. Kata is a movement discipline, only one event will take place for both men and women. In order to earn points, the participants will need to demonstrate speed, rhythm, and balance.


Skateboarding has always been more popular with the younger crowd and that’s why it will make an appearance this coming Olympics. The two different disciplines that will be featured are Park and Street. The park discipline involves the participants skating on a variety of different ramps and pipes. The participants will be critiqued based on their speed, the height of their jumps, and the grabs they can perform. The street discipline is when the participant will be skating through a course which includes benches, handrails, and boxes. The participants will be judged based on the difficulty of their tricks.

Sports Climbing

Sports climbing is a discipline within rock climbing. It will be separated in three sections – bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing. Bouldering participants will be judged on their ability to complete the challenge in the least amount of attempts without being attached to a rope. Lead climbing is when the participants are attached to ropes and are assigned a specific route. Climbers will earn points based on who completes the course first or who reaches the highest point before falling. Speed climbing allows participants to go head to head and see who can complete a 15m race to the top first. Each participant must compete in all three of these sections.


After being out of the Olympics since 2008, softball will make a comeback. Team USA should be in really good shape for gold again which is something they have done three times. Six teams will qualify, including host nation, Japan.

Photo Credit: Google Reuse, Unsplash



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