Women In Sports Who Are Also Fashion Designers

Serena by Serena Williams

  • Serena holds a variety of titles: tennis star, entrepreneur, sister, daughter, mother and fashion designer.  
  • Williams designed her new fashion line, Serena by Serena Williams,  to celebrate and empower women. 
  • The S stands for success. She believes that the success of a woman should be inspiring and dedicates this collection to the women who want to rep the “S.”
  • The line made its debut in 2019 during New York’s Fashion Week.  


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EleVen by Venus Williams

  • EleVen is an active wear brand created by professional tennis player Venus Williams. She wanted to create stylish clothes for the tennis court. 
  • She designs the entire collection from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale where she received her degree.
  • The name “EleVen” refers to the street address of the Williams’ former house in Compton. 
  • EleVen makes performance clothing for many different activities other than tennis, like fitness, yoga, and dance.
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  • In 2014, triathletes Stephanie Jamain and Jacinthe Lachapelle signed up for an IRONMAN race together.  
  • While training, they looked for triathlon clothes that were fashionable and comfortable, but they couldn’t find the perfect outfit.  
  • They were inspired to create Brava, a women’s athletic wear line. Brava gives triathletes the necessary clothing to succeed and feel confident in doing so.
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  • Re-Inc is a lifestyle brand that is challenging the status quo. 
  • It’s a gender-neutral clothing line that allows individuals to challenge the norms, rather than just conforming to the expectations of society.  
  • The four founders are members of the United States Women’s National Team: Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, Christen Press and Meghan Klingenberg.   
  • The Re-Inc line, which includes T-shirts, crop tops, sweatshirts and joggers, aims to champion equality and creativity.  
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LOUELLA by Ibtihaj 

  • You may know Ibtihaj Muhammad as a U.S. Olympic fencer, but she is a fashion designer.  
  • LOUELLA by Ibtihaj is a family-owned and operated fashion brand founded in Los Angeles that focuses on stylish and modest looks. 
  • Muhammad has a passion for fashion and it motivated her to create this line. She even earned a spot on the Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50.  
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Misty Copeland Signature Collection by Under Armour

  • Copeland made history when she became the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theater.
  • Shortly after she became a member of the Under Armour “Unlike Any” campaign, she designed her own collection.
  • Copeland believes that her collection is for every woman. She wanted to create a line where women could feel fierce in the gym, but could also feel confident wearing the same look to run errands or go to dinner.
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Tonic Tennis by Martina Hingis 

  • Hingis made history when she became the youngest Grand Slam Champion of the Open era and the youngest top ranked player in the game. 
  • In 2009, Hingis discovered Tonic Tennis and was instantly attracted to the material and design.
  • After wearing Tonic Tennis during an exhibition match, Hingis approached Tonic about creating a tennis line.  
  • Hingis, who believes having style on the court boosts confidence and positively affects play, designs bold clothes that brings style to the court.
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Lindsey Vonn Signature Collection by Under Armour 

  • In 2018, Vonn and her long-term sponsor, Under Armour, created the clothing line: Lindsey Vonn Signature Collection.  
  • Vonn, who started skiing as a toddler, designed every piece in this collection to be non-traditional and work for skiers at every level.  
  • Since ski gear is designed to keep you warm and typically lack style, she wanted to bring some flair to the slopes. 
  • The pieces in Vonn’s collection feature colors and patterns like iridescent purple and vintage camo.
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Wear by Erin Andrews 

  • Having trouble finding an outfit that supports your team, but is also trendy and stylish? 
  • Erin Andrews, a lead sideline reporter for Fox Sports, launched WEAR, which features nine different styles for all 32 NFL teams and is sold on NFL.com.  
  • Andrews wanted to create options for women designed as stylish pieces that women can wear to the game, but also to dinners afterwards. 
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